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Two Young Men Still Missing Since May 22nd At Rocklahoma: Cody Parrick And Ben Baber

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Cody Parrick - Ben Baber - missing flyer - Rocklahoma - May 22 - 2015

From Rocklahoma Facebook:

More info: Team Cody and Ben

According to local authorities, Ben Baber and Cody Parrick are still missing. They were last seen on May 22nd, 2015 at Rocklahoma, in Pryor, Oklahoma. IF you remember seeing them or have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office at 918-756-4311. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ben and Cody’s families, friends and loved ones.

Cody Parrick - Ben Baber - missing - flyer - Rocklahoma - may 22 - 2015 - MO




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An interview with Dave McCormick of Sparkplug Assassins and now SINGE


Written by James Murphy of Vision Entertainment Rocks magazine.

We sat down to talk with Dave McCormick who’s previous band Sparkplug Assassins has called it a day late last year (2014) and he has now started a new project after moving to the Atlanta area called SINGE. Some may also know him from his first band Shadoz Edge out of Chicago which were active from 1993 to 2003 and also featured bassist Hari Rao of the alternative band ‘I Fight Dragons’.

Vision Rocks: So tell us Dave what happened with Sparkplug Assassins?

Dave Mc: well I started the band in 2004 just trying to break away from all of my previous influences up to that time. My former band ‘Shadoz Edge’ had a much more metal influence from bands like Metallica, Pantera etc..but with Sparkplug I was actually going into a more punk direction initially. When we first started we had a completely different lineup, in fact there’s been 10 members total in the 10 years we were together lol. I had worked with Rick Cuevas and Shadoz Edge and quite a few other cover bands so we decided to split apart from each other for a while and I hooked up with one of my hometown friends Chris Mabrey who was already working with a bass player and they both joined the band in fall of 2007. I already had a guitar player that I was working with and it was very punk rock influenced. It took a number of years for me to hook up with those guys because initially I did start the band with Rick but after 3 or 4 months we had some personal issues going on and decided to put  the band on hold for a while at which time he went and started another band that was also a punk rock band called ‘Prime’, anyway you can find the history of the band I’m sure it’s out there but basically I had planned to move south for a number of years just wanting to get closer to my family who are all in Florida but didn’t necessarily want to live in Florida. I had friends in Georgia and we toured Atlanta a few times and really loved the weather. So it was already pre-planned that we would work and put out music until I left and I had hoped we would continue to make music remotely and we do have a couple of new songs that have yet to be released but we’ll see what happens in the future. I think it’s good that we’re all doing other things now, Mike is now playing bass with VVX. Scott is working with another friend of his that plays guitar and are trying to start a metalcore type band in the vein of Lamb of God and Rick isn’t doing much at the moment but I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him.

Vision Rocks: Well that’s good to hear you guys will still release music and work together on some level how did the band SINGE come about?

Dave Mc: My original plan was to take a hiatus for at least a year before I continued with music but as you can see that didn’t work out too well (laughs). I have my own studio equipment and I decided to mess around with drum beats and things I actually bought a bass as well so I could pretty much do everything myself and before I knew it I had 10 or 11 good song ideas that kind of grew organically and once they started to evolve I decided well hey I need to put this music out and just kind of do it at my leisure you know. I’m not relying on other band members or waiting for people to show up at practice or whatever it’s nice that it’s all me and I can do what I want. At some point I plan to connect with other area musicians here and play this stuff live but for now it’s fun to just create the music and get better at recording and songwriting and hope people react to it.

Vision Rocks: Very cool I hear a lot of industrial vibe almost like Ministry or Disturbed was that intentional?

Dave Mc: No it wasn’t actually but working with drum patterns I kind of wrote off of the beats I was creating and I guess they did have an industrial vibe to them but really I just wrote the songs as they evolved it was very organic in that sense. I thought in terms of a three piece such as bands like Chevelle or even Tool, even though I know there a 4 piece but musically there a three piece instrument wise. So I was thinking in those terms because I’ve always been in a two guitar band so it was kind of cool to think what I could do with the Trifecta sound although I do quite a few overdubs with the guitars so you would think there are two guitars!

Vision Rocks: That’s great so you do have a full albums worth of material and will you also release that in CD format at some point?

Dave Mc: That’s the plan I’m just kind of going with the flow at the moment you know when you’re creating you kind of have to just go with it until the well dries up and right now the ideas keep coming the more I experiment and it’s nice to not have to answer to anyone but myself.

Vision Rocks: So your first band Shadoz Edge you worked with quite a few people in that band including Hari Rao who is now in the pop/rock band ‘I Fight Dragons’ as well as Willie Max the bass player in Eric Wagner’s (Trouble) new band ‘Blackfinger’, will you guys ever reunite?

Dave Mc: We actually did right before I moved away we had a reunion show with Hari.I tried to do another one with our original lineup which would have included Don Dishman (the band’s original bassist) but he lives in Florida and was unavailable to come up but hopefully at some point we will again. I still love all the music we created.

Vision Rocks: So you’ve released two singles so far ‘Scorch’ and ‘Bury the light’ which both rock I might add definitely great driving songs. What can we expect from the new songs that you’ll be coming out with next?

Dave Mc: Well I’m putting them out two at a time probably once a month until the album is complete and then I’ll go back and probably remix and remaster everything and put it out as one collection of songs. So in a sense the ones I’m releasing as they come out are going to be rarities because they will be taken down at some point and replaced with newer versions! The next single is called ‘Frozen fire’ which because I was in an Alice in Chains tribute band I always wanted to do a song in their style so that’s what this song will be, very grungy sounding and a lot of good vocal harmonies. The second single (which would actually be the 4th single technically) is called ‘Phantom Fears’ that one definitely had a ‘Chevelle’ influence as far as the vibe I was going for, but everytime I start out thinking of something it ends up going somewhere else so when it’s completed we’ll see how it sounds. (laughs) They’re both really different from the first two songs which I like you know when I’m all set and done here with these songs it should be a very diverse collection of tracks.

Vision Rocks: Alright can’t wait to hear all of them when they’re done and completed should be a great album is there anything else you’d like to add?

Dave Mc: Music is something that I can’t help but to create I’ve written over 60 something songs that are out there now whether they’re from Shadoz Edge, Sparkplug or  this band here and I will probably continue until I can’t. Hopefully people can respond to the music because unlike in the good ole days where people appreciated getting handed a demo tape, Music is taken for granted and that’s a sad state of affairs especially when there’s so much bullshit on the airwaves these days! To come across something new fresh and original I think should be celebrated so support your local bands go to their shows buy their music and show them you care and I’ll see you out there!

Vision Rocks: alright thanks so much for your time Dave and if you want to know more about singe you can find them at any of the websites below and spread the word these guys are coming and they’re great!


HELLOWEEN – Current News On Germany’s Power Metal Legends

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Helloween - Burrn! - magazine cover photo promo - 2015 - #0106HMOAD

*HELLOWEEN are the cover feature for the June 5th, 2015 issue of BURRN! magazine. (See above photo).

Helloween - My God Given Right - debut - #9 - Japan - June 2015 - promo flyer

* HELLOWEEN’s brand new studio album, My God-Given Right, debuted at position #9 on the Japanese national weekly chart. It is the first time in 17 years that an album by Helloween has been ranked among the top 10; ever since their album ‘Better Than Raw’ landed at position #9 in 1998!!


* On June 6th, 2015 – My God-Given Right is ranked at #19 on the (USA) iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart.

* This super great album debuted at #4 on the (USA) iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart, on June 2nd, 2015. Metal Be Thy Name!

Andi, Weiki, Markus, Sascha and Dani… Congratulations!!

* On June 6th, 2015 – HELLOWEEN are performing today, at the South Park Festival, in Tampere, Finland. Whoa!

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Vision Entertainment Interview with ‘Dark Passenger’

Hello Vision Entertainment Rocks recently caught up with ‘Dark passenger’ a great new Heavy metal band and here we go!

VER: Hey guys so can you give me the origins of your band, how long you’ve been together, and who’s in your band.

Brian: Dark Passenger is…Brian Fascetta -Bass , Jeff “Staz” Stasi – Guitar, & John Goeken – Drums…CURRENTLY SEEKING VOCALIST!

VER: Cool can you give us some background?

Brian: Our former singer, Cory, and I used to be in a band with Staz called The Inherent. I hadn’t seen Cory in years and I wanted to start up a new band. I sent an email and he was interested. Originally, Cory and I had agreed to write songs together first and then flesh out the band, but as fortune would have it he and John(drums) had been talking about jamming. So instead, the 3 of us met up in June of 2011 to see if it would work. Immediately we hit it off and began putting the band together with me, originally, on bass and later switching to guitar, because we were having trouble finding someone that would fit us well. (Now I’m the bassist again…I’m definitely not switching back after this. Bass is my favorite and strongest instrument I play.) While I was on guitar, along with Jeff “Staz” Stasi who joined in late 2011, we had bassists Joe Loomis and Sara Auferi fill the position over the course of a year . We’ve gone through a lot of growing pains in a short period of time, but in the end we are going to overcome the obstacles and deliver some good tunes and an energetic live show!

VER: What style of music are you guys? Also, what shows/areas have you done?

Brian: Dark Passenger is first and foremost a metal band! We have currently done shows with Soulfly, Janus, Straight Line Stitch, 36 Crazy Fists, Bobaflex, Eye Empire, XFactor1 and with numerous local bands at Mojoes, Bada Brew, Club 38, JD Muggs, Mike’s, The End Zone, and Gusto’s.

Staz: As Brian said we are definitely a metal band. People ask what sub-genre we are, but I wouldn’t specify one, because we really don’t fit into any sub-genre for more than a few songs.

Brian: Dark passenger doesn’t fit into just one sub-genre, because we all put in our two cents when it comes to the writing process and everyone has different outlets that inspire them that are and are not metal. For example, certain members like punk, hardcore, rock, blues, & funk. I believe listening to other artists outside of your genre gives you an edge in that it opens up your mind and gives your writing a different edge it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

VER: What are you up to these days? Are you recording? Do you have any new music on the way and what are your plans for the future?

Brian: Currently we’re working on new material and re-working old material. For the older material bass lines will be re-written and guitars will be adjusted to fit a single guitar sound. Staz will be choosing what parts need to be used from what I used to play and from what he had been playing to keep us sounding full when we’re out playing live. On the newer material there will be more input from Staz than in the past. He has some great ideas that are being fleshed out. Also, you can count on a stronger bass/drum attack than we had before. John’s really picking up his game behind the kit and I’m working on reinventing the way I play bass to bridge the gap between the guitar and drums. Later, we have plans to record as soon as we find a new singer and that person comes up with their parts. SINGERS CONTACT US ON FACEBOOK ASAP! You will get all of the details you need after you hit us up. 21+ ONLY please!

VER: What are some of your favorite local bands?

Brian: Awdacity and Admiral Of Black are bad ass! They are such energetic live bands to. I also dig Losing Scarlett, because they have good hooks in their music. I really like it when a band can deliver a riff or vocal melody that can stick in your head after you listen to it. Kind of like their song Dick Whiskey.

Staz: I would have to say Admiral Of Black, Knifed At Gunpoint, and Disturbed.

John: I’m a fan of Beneath The Hollow, Paragon, Awdacity, and Knifed At Gunpoint.

VER: How did you come up with the name of your band and the concept for your music?

Brian: The name Dark Passenger came from our love of the show Dexter. Cory brought the name to us when we had to change our original name, Broken Mirrors, because of a signed band that already had the official rights to it. As far as a concept, musically we write whatever we are feeling at the time and just go with it. Lyrically it’s going to be up to the new vocalist for the most part.

VER: What are the links to your band’s music, web, sites, etc.?

VER: How does the writing process work within the band?

Brian: Usually myself or Staz(guitar) will come in with an idea for a song and we’ll hash out a rough draft with John(drums) and then go from there.In the end it’s not truly done until everyone adds their parts for their instrument and the singer lets us know how many times he needs us to play a verse or chorus for his/her vocal melodies and lyrics to fit.

VER: Finally, what bands inspired you in the first place?

Brian: Motley Crue was the first band I really got into as a young kid. The older I got I started following bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Faith No More, Anthrax, Sabbath/Ozzy, Skid Row(first 3 albums), Guns N’ Roses (first 4 albums), Pantera, Machine Head, White Zombie, Lacuna Coil, Godsmack, Korn, Coal Chamber, and Mudvayne.

Staz: I love old school stuff like Anthrax, Metallica, and Pantera, but I also enjoy newer bands like Born Of Osiris, The Faceless, Miss May I, Revocation, Thy Will Be Done, and Wretched. In other words, heavy music that makes me want to beat people!

John: Besides my parents, who have been in the music business since before I was born, some of my favorites are Sepultura/Soulfly, Pantera, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head, System Of A Down, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed and Shadows Fall.

VER: Awesome we wanna thank you for taking time to talk with us and everyone please check these guys out live you will not be dissapointed!! Until Next Time Keep on Rockin!!

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Vision Entertainment Rocks interview with ‘Spyderbone’

Vision Entertainment caught with Chicago band ‘Spyderbone’ and spoke with singer Michael Gould and guitarist Jon Fixmer recently whom have been playing the area now for a couple of years so here we go…

VER: Give me the origins of your band, how long you been together and who’s in your band?

Jon: Around 10 years ago or so I started working part time as a solo artist. At that time I wasn’t in a band, but things were happening in the music scene that I wanted to be a part of. I had a vision and I wanted to make something happen. I was writing new material as well as working on a couple of songs for some tribute albums. For the life of me I just couldn’t find anyone reliable to work with. Probably because I couldn’t pay very much. I’d book studio time and guys would show up late, if they showed up at all. I’d book people for sessions only to find out later that they weren’t up to snuff and that their resumes were over inflated or they had sent in bogus demos. One guy showed up 3 hours late and was so drunk he could barely plug his bass in. I think it was probably after my recording engineer walked out in disgust over a less than professional drummer that I decided enough was enough. I gave up on the idea of being a solo artist. I realized that I needed to find other people with the same vision and drive.
After a few false starts, I eventually stumbled across Mike. This was about 6 years ago or so. The funny thing was, I had been looking for a writing partner for years and all this time, he had been living just down the street from me! As fate would have it, I had been working with a bass player and he just happened to have a buddy who played drums. So, we got everyone together to jam. It was amazing! We started writing that very first day. It just clicked. Haunted was the first song Mike and I ever wrote together and it came out of that first jam session.

Mike: Spyderbone’s origins go back to 2006, when Jon and I started “Before the Sun”. That band had a million different members and almost as much drama to boot. We wrote some good songs-some of which we still perform in Spyderbone. I’m not going to elaborate too much on Before The Sun because it’s a bit painful. I mean, it had to happen for Spyderbone to become a reality. So, “Before The Sun” broke up in 2010 and everybody went their separate ways, except Jon and I who kept jamming and writing songs. We really had no intention at the time to start another band. In fact, we went to some jam nights and did some acoustic sets and shit like that. But about 6 months later Jon and I started rehearsing in my Uncle Billy’s basement in Glen Ellyn, which just so happened to be rented by Joe Kelley (original bassist for the Shadows of Knight). So we actually started jamming with him and he helped us demo a bunch of our tunes. Thus the fire was lit to actually get a band together and Spyderbone was born in late 2010. The recent incarnation of Spyderbone has been together for about a year. It consists of: Jon Fixmer on guitars, Chris Mabrey on Drums, Vince Scianna on Bass and myself(Michael Allen Gould) on vocals. Since adding Chris and Vinny, it has really stepped up our game as far as writing. Having a tight and powerful rhythm section has given us the luxury of diving into new territory-incorporating some serious grooves and even some doom elements into our ever-expanding sound!

VER: What style of music are you guys? What shows/areas have you done?

Mike: We are a heavy music band. Call us heavy metal, hard rock, rock n’ roll, grunge, progressive or whatever. I have never been a big fan of putting labels on anything musically related. I think you have good music and not so good music. Labels are limiting and created for business types to sell records to people who are concerned with that kind of bullshit. We don’t care for labels and write music to please ourselves. Some of it is heavy, some not so heavy and we even have some acoustic stuff. We tend to play with metal bands at a lot of our shows. We have played shows all over the Midwest, our favorites being The Rave in Milwaukee and the Double Door in Chicago (where our live album “Live Bloodshot” was recorded). It was really cool to talk to Lipps from Anvil (especially after just seeing their famous movie-“The Story of Anvil) for half an hour before we opened for them at the Q Club in Lemont, IL. Another favorite was playing at the Rave in Milwaukee during Queensryche’ s 30th Anniversary Tour!

JON: At the core, we’re a hard rock/metal band. We have a ton of influences and are really passionate about music. We write what we feel at that particular time and place. Most of the time it’s heavy and edgy with an attitude. You’ve got to have some variety, though. One thing we feel very strongly about is having songs that are different from each other and whose content varies. We want to take people on a ride. It gets very boring for people to have to listen to the same song repeated 10 times at a show or on an album. We’re musicians and song writers and it’s not very interesting to always play and do the same thing. Our music features elements from hard rock, metal, progressive, grunge, classic rock, thrash, and doom among others. There are some common elements throughout all of them that we can tap into. We try to incorporate some old school writing and arranging techniques to go along with a more modern sound. It keeps it interesting and helps set us apart from our peers in a very crowded scene. I’ll just add one more to the list of favorite shows we’ve played and that’s playing at the Rave in Milwaukee for the Deftones show. We had a hell of a response. It was elbows to assholes and the crowd really dug our set. Probably our best show to date.

VER: What are you up to these days? Are you recording? Do you have new music on the way? What are the plans for the future?

Jon: We’ve been working on a new studio album the past couple of months. We’ve been focused on finishing up the new songs we’ve written. It’s going to be killer! All kinds of heavy and we’re definitely bringing the groove on this one! The legendary Eric Wagner (of Trouble and Blackfinger) has been helping us with pre-production! We’ve been kicking around some album titles recently: Fire Monkey Brigade, 8 Legs and 4 Bones, Alien Spyderbone Cult, Four Bones of Destiny, Doomtroopers…the list goes on. LOL We’ll let you know!

VER: What are some of your favorite local bands?

Mike: We dig a lot of local bands! Here is a short list: The Skull, Lynch, Stone Magnum, Sparkplug Assassins, Blackfinger, Trouble, Joe Kelley, Underbelly, The Blues Mavericks, Hail The Black Dragons, Paradoxx, Luster, Milk at Midnight, Earthen Grave, Memoria, AnuElusion, Paragon, Skinwalker, Orion 9, Veilside, Black Dog, Fear to Faith, Deezguize, Illusion’s Fate, and a shitload more!!

VER: How did you come up with the name of your band and the concept for your music?

Jon: Bruce Lee appeared to me in a dream and told me that you can’t enter the dragon without a spyderbone…Then he started babbling about being like water…I stopped paying attention at that point! I got what I needed and I didn’t even have to snatch a pebble from his hand or sand a wood floor!

Mike: How can you argue with inspiration like that? I said, “Hell, if Bruce Lee told you…then we better name the group Spyderbone!!!

VER: Hilarious! Anyway where can everyone find you guys online?

Mike: Our official website:

VER: How does the writing process work within the band?

Jon: Every song is a little bit different. Typically, I write a bit of music and then Mike writes lyrics for it and develops the vocal melodies. Then we bring in the rest of the band and start jamming it out. Basically, I’ve always been in charge of the music and arrangements and Mike has been in charge of the lyrics and vocals.

Mike: Jon always comes up with the music. Whether it be recorded beforehand, or on the fly at rehearsal. He will give it to me and I will start listening to it over and over…really let it work its way into my sick little brain. Then we jam it at rehearsal, and I will try the vocal melodies I have come up with and start working on lyrical ideas. Or sometimes I use lyrics I have already written and make them fit. It’s nice, that in this band, every member can contribute ideas. Vinny on the bass has really good ideas and has already written a song! As well as Chris always giving us his feedback about the way the drums should be played and what fills to use and what not. There really is phenomenal chemistry in this group and adding Vinny and Chris has just cemented our sound!

VER: Finally what bands inspired you in the first place?

Jon: I’ve always really been into music, even as a small child. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t into music. I was lucky, both my parents were into music, I had aunts and uncles who were a little bit older than I was and they let me tag along with them. I was their
constant shadow – soaking in the music they were into. I’ve just always been surrounded by music. Early on, I was drawn to the drums. I wanted to be a rock drummer in the worst way. Then one day, I heard a new album that completely blew me away. The guitar playing was absolutely amazing! I hadn’t ever really heard anything like it before. It was heavy yet melodic and the solos soared and were fiery but soulful at the same time. I was hooked. I burned my drumsticks and went on a quest to find my first guitar. I’ve been doing this for a little while now, so influences have changed over time. I think my current short list could be summed up as a combination of George Lynch, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Tool, Queensryche, Pantera, Slash, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Pink Floyd. That’s just scratching the surface!

Mike: I come from a very musical family. I was lucky as well in that respect. Was raised on The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Stones and Sabbath-pretty much… ever since I can remember. Started my first band years ago, and wanted to play guitar, but the guys we ended up getting, were a hell of a lot better than me, so all that was left was the vocal position. I was like: “Shit…I guess I will be the singer”, cause I really wanted to be in the band. I’ve been singing ever since. Definitely dig the old school singers-most notably-Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Roger Daltrey and Steve Marriot! As well as some of the newer generation-Layne Staley, Chris Cornell and Maynard from Tool. I like to think that I throw all of those guys in a blender and come up with my own style. I also draw inspiration for lyrics from the trials and tribulations of the darker side of life. Chris Mabrey (drummer) has many different influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Lynard Skynard, Govt. Mule, Earth, Wind and Fire to the blues and funk. You can hear traces of these styles in all of our songs! Vince Scienna is definitely from the old school of bass playing! Across between Geezer Butler and Steve Harris, his influences include Geezer Butler, Pete Way and Gary Thang! Vince and Chris together form the rock solid foundation of Spyderbone!

VER: Ok thanks guys for taking time and we urge all of you to check out Spyderbone! They should have a new disc out very soon and they have upcoming shows as well so check out their pages for more info..Keep on rockin!

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Vision Entertainment Rocks Interview with ‘Fist to the Sky’

Vision Entertainment hooked up with Mickey the lead singer and bassist from what I would say is one of the hardest working bands in the Chicagoland area and gave us some insight to what an up and coming new band needs to do to make it in this business.. and hear we go…

VER: Hey there can you tell us who you are and give us some background on your band?

Mickey: My name is Mickey and I am the lead singer/bassist for Fist to the Sky. Flipp, the lead guitarist, who is also my brother, and I formed a band with our cousin, Hollywood, the second guitarist, in 2006. Our goal in music was always to create something original, unique and something we could really call “Us.” After finding our current drummer, JD, in early 2011, we finally began to believe that we were achieving our goal.

VER: And how would you describe your style of music and where have you played so far?

Mickey: We are a metal band. We have played some great hometown venues including the House of Blues, The Elbo Room, Lakeshore Theater, Shark City and our most recent headlining show at the Bottom Lounge. In September we are very excited to be touring, which will take us through Wisconsin (which was off the hook the last time we played out there, when we opened for 12 Stones) and Minnesota. It’s going to be our first time playing in Minnesota, so we couldn’t be more stoked for that.

VER: That’s kickass! So what are you guys currently up to and what are your plans for the future?

Mickey: Right now we are playing our asses off (lol), and we are definitely writing on the side. We will be releasing new music next year, which we CANNOT wait for, and that will definitely be followed by another round of touring.

VER: How did you come up with the name of your band and the concept for your music?

Mickey: We actually got our band name from a lyric in one of our first songs, lol. Fist to the Sky was the last lyric of the chorus and we all thought it would be a very powerful name, very unifying, and we love the idea of being able to connect with our fans like that, with a raised fist. Our music has always flown very naturally. Flipp and I, the main songwriters for the band, have been writing music together ever since I can remember. As for my lyrics, I write very personally, and I don’t hide what I’m feeling or trying to get across. My lyrics mean something very important to me, and in turn I think that makes it easier for other people to connect with them; and I hope they can find ways to relate to them in their own lives.

VER: Cool backstory! What are some other local bands you dig?

Mickey: For me personally, and taking the term “Local” to mean unsigned and not strictly from Chicago.

VER: Absolutely

Mickey: I’m really into this kind of punk/alternative band called Moral Compass from South Wales; very cool music. And then over here in Chicago you’ve got some great rock bands like The Action Blast and Heart-Set Self-Destruct. Those three are all great bands, I’d recommend them to anyone looking for some kickass music.

VER: How does the writing process work within the band?

Mickey: Most of the time it’ll be off of a guitar riff that either Flipp or I come up with that makes the other one go, “Hey, let’s do THAT!” – and then we build from there, where I’ll start coming up with melodies and Flipp will loop that riff a thousand times. We will record these ideas on our phones, and then listen to them for like a week straight, and come up with a hundred ideas of where to go with it. Phones rule! Lol, we use the ideas the we feel will most benefit that particular song, and continue building. After we have the basic structure of a song, we bring it to the rest of the band and we all hammer the rest of it out together.

VER: Ok how can everyone find you guys?


VER: And finally what bands inspired you in the first place?

Mickey: Where do I begin?? Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Journey, The Beatles, as well as all of these more modern bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Lamb of God and Trivium.

VER: Alright thanks dude for taking time out to talk good luck and everyone go see these guys they are always playing somewhere so it isn’t hard to find them!! Until Next time Let’s keep on rockin!

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